The Power of Positive Thinking|Mind, Body, and Soul

sitting-at-sunsetLately, I’ve been working on changing how I live my everyday life. For a while I’ve been slacking on eating healthy, exercising, getting my daily dose of sunshine, and many more things. The more I fell into this unhealthy trap the crappier I felt. I knew it was about time to start changing things up, a bit. When you’re choosing to make a healthier difference in your lifestyle choices it takes a lot of determination and motivation to actually stick to it. I’m usually the type of person who would rather sit on their ass all day and eat food, but eventually this can take a toll on the body. For the past week I’ve been working hard on get into a”scheduled routine” and making a difference healthy lifestyle choices throughout my day.

yoga1.Morning Yoga- The first thing I like to do is Yoga right when I get up. A while back I was really into Yoga, but after a bit of time passed, I stopped. Starting up again has to be one of the greatest moments I look forward too, throughout my day. I feel like if you’re a person who has a lot of anxiety or your mornings don’t always go too well, and you need some help finding your balance, yoga is a great way to start it off. Even doing it for a week I already feel a lot calmer and my mind isn’t spinning all over the place, like it usually is. Meditation is also a key factor into creating a balanced body, mind, and soul. Plus it helps de-stress and can help prepare you for the day ahead.

2.Eating a Healthy Breakfast- I can’t tell you enough, how important it is to start your day off with a healthyshutterstock_285459653_1024x1024 meal. Usually I have a cup of coffee, a protein bar with a banana, or a yogurt with granola parfait for breakfast. I like to start off small just because I’m not usually that hungry in the mornings, but its always important to get something in your stomach. Especially if you’re choosing to do some yoga or even get a quick little workout in! Make sure to also eat throughout the day. I’ve learned to never ignore my stomach when it’s talking. You don’t have to eat a meal every time you’re hungry, but having a piece of fruit and a few nuts every few hours or so, can keep you from starting unhealthy eating pattern.

sunshine-beach-wallpaper-13. Get Some Sun- I always try to find some excuse to sit outside for a bit and get some sunshine. Everyday I try to get at least 15-30 minutes to myself outside. Sometimes I’ll grab a magazine or even just lay out and turn on some music and just relax. Remember though to always put on some sunscreen, and stay hydrated especially if it’s hot. Usually when I do this I like to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water or even add in a glass of orange juice. I feel like since I started drinking more water and even having some OJ,I feel less dehydrated, and my skin slowly started to look a little healthier. So if you want to know the answer to looking healthier and feeling healthier start drinking water!

After doing yoga, eating healthier (changing my diet around), drinking water/juice, and getting outside more it’s definitely effected my mood and my entire mindset. I have my moments where I can definitely be harder on myself or just be a bum in my room, and doing that and being like that, effected me in a more negative way. I didn’t feel quite like myself, and even my own parents noticed I wasn’t too happy. Now that I have started getting back into living a healthier lifestyle I’ve felt happier about myself, and my everyday life. It takes time, especially if you’re the type of person that has trouble jumping into a new routine, but I promise you if you’re willing to create a healthy balance within…these simple things I do, can definitely help you too.

ACTWhen it comes to thinking positive and having a positive mindset this stuff doesn’t just happen over night. Reading up on self help books, testing out some new foods, exercising, and broadening you span of knowledge  is what’s going to help you better yourself and help you see life through a more clear perspective. I feel like if you keep yourself cooped up inside and just mope around you’re not going to feel good about anything. So the best advice I can give you, is if you want to change the way you think, and start living a healthier lifestyle…TAKE ACTION. Don’t waste your time thinking about making a difference, just go for it. I’ve slowly started pushing myself out of my comfort zone and putting myself in situations where I’m not comfortable, but in the end that’s the definition of taking action. For me, I’m still in the learning process, but the journey to having a healthier mindset and lifestyle isn’t easy. You have to remember knowledge is the key to opening that door to a whole new world of wonders.So keep finding your everyday motivation to better yourself and find you’re own inner balance.



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