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I haven’t been 21 long at all, but let me put this out there right now, it’s hitting me. Slowly, but surely I’ve noticed a change in my skin and overall how I feel on the inside. I’m not trying to be super dramatic, but the “old” age has officially started to hit me. The older you get the more changes you’ll start noticing. You’re skin won’t hold natural oils as easily, you’re hair might seems to get thinner and feel more dry, or even those evil eye bags will start to stay and never leave. Either way here are the things I’ve slowly started to notice, what kind of routines I go through, and just an update on how I’m surviving my year 21 so far.

Vegas Trip

cosmopolitan-98Recently, I had the pleasure of going on a short trip to Vegas for the first time with a few of my girlfriends. It wasn’t a long trip, but it was a trip of a lot of learning experiences. The first thing I learned was to make sure to pack all my special oils and scrubs because of the dry desert air, secondly to keep myself heavily moisturized, and thirdly to enjoy my Cosmos, but not have so many. AND the most important lesson- NEVER WEAR HEELS IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE WALKING A TON. Overall it was a great 24 hour trip for me with some great lessons and thoughts.

Survival Tip #1: Vitamin E Oil, Salt Scrubs, and Creams ARE your NEW best friends.

One of my favorite places to shop of all time is Rite Aid and Trader Joe’s. Mainly, Trader Joe’s. Their “beauty” section is mostly scrubs, lotions, environmental friendly products, and shampoos/conditioners that are labeled OrganicEither way I love it all. I’ve mentioned this in past blogs that I haven’t extremely sensitive/dry skin. I’m always trying to find products that don’t make me break out or cause me to have some sort of unwanted reaction. Because lets face it-that’s never fun. But for about a month now I’ve been trying out some new products that have helped make a difference in my skin, and have saved me money.

Trader-Joe’s-Vitamin-E-Oil-Review#1: Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil I’m not a fan of pills. If I can stay away from them, all is well. A lot of people prefer to take Vitamin E pills. It’s super quick and easy, plus it’s over the counter so there’s no issue when trying to purchase them. I personally like to buy the actual oil. My reasoning is because I feel like it makes a huge difference for my skin and it’s a nice finish once I hop out of the shower. It dries super quick, and after a week or so of applying this oil everyday you really start to see some major results (especially if you have dry/sensitive skin). Another thing I love to do is put a tiny drop of this oil on my face before applying my makeup. If you want a nice dewy finish and you don’t want to spend an unwanted amount of money at Sephora on top brands that sells oils, this does the trick. I’ve only tried this specific oil from Trader Joe’s, so I bet there are others out there that have worked for you, but personally this is my go-to oil since I haven’t had any issues yet…and it’s been almost 2 years.

*Note: If you do have oily skin I would refrain from using this specific oil on your face and use it at least 3 times a week.*

6a00e5524922de883301348717d9b4970c#2: Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub – Holy Macaroons! I can’t tell you how much this salt scrub has helped my skin. It has to be one of the best scrubs I’ve used besides this one Japanese brand I tried a while back (and unfortunately since I don’t read/speak Japanese I can’t tell you the name…). It has it’s pros and cons of course, but the cons are mostly of my own doing. I’m a huge fan of anything Lavender because it helps relax the mind. I try to use this scrub almost everyday when the weather is dry. If it seems more humid there isn’t much need for this scrub. The major thing with this Lavender scrub is it helps keep your skin nice and moisturized even after you wipe it off in the shower. Which I’m all for!

*Note: The major no-no of this product is do not use it after you’ve shaved. I promise you if it gets into a cut…it burns badly. So I’ll save you from that experience. It wasn’t all to fun and games for me.*

#3: Creams– I try to stay away from products that have scent. Especially if it’s cream. I break out so easily, so I have to be careful. I’ve grown to love mostly all the Cetaphil products. Depending on the weather I like to switch from their lotion to their cream. It’s very important to keep your skin well hydrated especially if you like to drink. There are lots of downsides to drinking and a lot of it CAN effect your skin. So now that you’re legally able to drink…remember beauty products NEED to be your best friend. Another special cream I like to use is True Blue Spa (Glycolic Acid) . You can purchase this specific product or anything from this Spa Line at Bath and Body Works.Bath-and-Body-Works-True-Blue-Spa-Cracked-Heel-Treatment-Review

*I recommend using most of these products now. Since we just entered Spring the damage from Winter is still there. Prepare your skin for Summer.*

Overall taking care of my skin wasn’t majorly important to me now. Since I do enjoy my Cosmos and other sweet drinks, and of course Wine I have seen a difference in my skin. So hopefully this helps a little for those of you who are searching for some great, cheap products, or your just a skin care junkie like me. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know of any of your favorite products or even your favorite cocktail!



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