5 Ways to Officially Welcome Spring|Spring 2016


Well it’s officially Spring. Plus it’s Easter! Hopefully all of you are spending time with your family and if not doing something fun to celebrate today. Since it’s only been a week or two since Spring has “officially sprung”, there’s been so many things I’ve been wanting to do. I feel like we all go through those moments around this time of year when we want to get some Spring cleaning done, maybe change up our look, start going out and enjoying some outdoor activities, or for some getting ready to end the school year with a bang. Either way, no matter what you’re doing here’s 5 ways on how I’ve started welcoming Spring and hopefully soon I’ll find time to do some of the things I’ve listed! Enjoy.

San Diego Zoo

So if you’re a lover of animals and from SoCal I promise you right now it’s the perfect time to head to the world famous San Diego Zoo, or even the Safari Park.

Taken at the San Diego Zoo Wild Safari Park by no other than my Mom. So thank you for letting me share this.

Photo By: My Mom Taken at the San Diego Zoo Wild Safari Park.

Photo By: My Mom Butterflies at the Safari Park (March 12- April 10th).

Photo By: My Mom
Butterflies at the Safari Park (March 12- April 10th).

*Shout out to my Mom for taking these lovely photos and for letting me share them on my blog! Thank You so Much!*

NorCal Trip

I’m not sure it’s Spring Break for everyone, but if you’re willing to go on a quick road trip and you don’t want to travel too far, heading up to NorCal is a pleasant destination. The area is much more gorgeous than SoCal (in my opinion), and the drive up is gorgeous. Some of the places I love to visit are Hearst Castle, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and even China Town in San Francisco. Plus if you want to enjoy the out doors head to the redwood forrest just a little ways out of San Fransisco and you won’t be sorry. (Most gorgeous hike I’ve recently been on-and I haven’t been on one in a while.)

Photo By: Me Just outside of San Fran.

Photo By: Me

Spring Clean Up

Every year I like to go through all my stuff and figure out what needs to be thrown away and what I should still keep. Plus it’s a great way to donate stuff, and just tidy up the clutter that’s been taking up your living space for over the past year. I feel like it’s also a way to start fresh. I mean, it is Spring so why not start of with a brand new feeling. 


 Latest Spring Trends

If you’re like me it’s time to search through all the latest Spring outfits that are headed to our favorite stores to shop at. And if you’re into makeup all the new Spring themed makeup palettes and other products are coming out. So get ready to head to Ulta, Sephora, or even your local Target for the newest items out.


 Start Something New

I know I should probably specify more, but I’d love to just leave this idea open to many possibilities. You can always do a 30 day healthy diet, hire a personal trainer for the entire Spring season, join a cooking class, or even make it a goal to go for a day out every week and enjoy all the things you can in your area. It’s up to you! Just try it to kick off this Spring Season with a bang.


Thank you as always for stopping by my blog. Hopefully you find ways to enjoy this fresh season, try something new, or even start some new fun goals! Happy Easter to all of you!



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