2 Cheap, Delicious Wines to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day Weekend|Wine Wednesdays


White Wine(Left), Red Wine(Right). Both under $20.

Welcome to my first official Wine Wednesday! Since I finally turned 21, I feel like I can now offer you more insight on the wine side of my blog. My goal is to share with all of you, cheap wines that I’ve come to love that are $20 or less.  I mean the only time I feel like I should purchase an expensive bottle is for the Holidays, but other than that who wants to spend $50 every week or so? (Especially if you’re a wine-o-holic!) So hopefully I can help you discover some new, great tasting wines, and also help you save a ton of money while you’re at it.

So let’s get started!

First off I’d like to say I’ve tried a lot of great wines, from a bottle that’s $70 to a bottle that’s just under $5. Either way it’s up to you, the reader, to decide what kind of mood you’re in. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of trying a sweet, delightful white wine, and a strong musky flavored red wine. Both wines are great for a night in.


Menage a Trois(Cabernet Sauvignon) North Coast California 2013 ($15).

Red Wine-Menage a Trois Cabernet Sauvignon (North Coast California 2013)

Let me start off with mentioning, that if you like flavor, but nothing too over the top this wine is perfect. You still get to enjoy the musky, slightly bitter taste of this wine, but not be overwhelmed by the strength of it all. I’ve tried a few wines where the flavor is a little too strong for me, but this one sits just right. It’s not a “watered-down” type of wine, so you can tell the quality of it isn’t cheap. This particular wine would be perfect with a salad or even your good old steak and potatoes. But if you feel the need to just have a glass of wine while reading a magazine or watching the evening news, this one will help do the trick. I purchased this wine at my local grocery store for just under $15. So if you need a new wine to try and are to0 overwhelmed by the choices, grab this one! I promise you won’t be sorry.


Beringer White Zinfandel ($5).

Beringer (Fruity and Refreshing) White Zinfandel

I’m more of red wine type of girl, but every so often I feel the need to sneak in a white wine, here and there. Since I’m still slightly new to the world of wine, I recently discovered my love for Zinfandel wines. Last year my  cousin introduced me to a great one (that you can actually purchase at Costco for about $20). Since I enjoyed that wine so much, (it was a cabernet sauvignon), I decided…” it won’t hurt to try a White Zinfandel.” And I wasn’t let down! If you like sweet and slightly bubbly, this “dessert type of wine” is perfect. Make sure to stick it in the fridge for a bit, and once you open it let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and you’ll get the best results in flavor. Have a bite of chocolate or two and that right there is the icing on the cake! This is another wine you can purchase at your local grocery store. I’ve seen it sold at different prices depending on the store, but it should be about $5 or less. So if you like sweet wines, try this one out. And I’ve tried it just in time for those Valentine’s Day chocolates coming my way!

I hope this helps you when you head to the grocery store and you’re not sure on what wine to grab for the evening. Thanks for reading up on my first Wine Wednesday! 



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